Aktion Musik and Penflick Studios

January 17th, 2017

A match made in heaven one might say. I certainly say so anyway.

I’ve teamed up with Aktion Musik in Salzwedel and am now their resident engineer.

Together we have worked out a package for you that is quite extraordinary actually.

Come out to the countryside and live here at our 300 year old watermill whilst you work on your new album. We have a self contained apartment, a gipsy wagon and a caravan to offer for you to sleep in. There’s a woodfired hottub in the garden and there will very soon also be a sauna out right next to the lake on our property.

The studio is 25 minutes drive away from the mill and will be ready for you when you have your material ready.

Email me and tell me what you want and I will put together a package for you! milton@penflickstudios.com is the one.

You can check out the studio on Facebook!

Hope to see you soon.

Front Page 17-01-17

January 17th, 2017

Ok, I know, it’s been a while and I am sorry about that.

But, here we are. A new year and lots of new exciting projects and that, of course, calls for an update of ye ol website.

Our house is as good as done, the renovations took 4 years, but now it is as good as finished.
This does mean I now have the time to explore my crazier ideas and believe me, I do have quite a few of those.

As you might remember I have been rambling on about my country side studio now for a while. The whole idea being that artists should be able to come out in the middle of nowhere and forget about normal life for a while and just focus on their creativity.
I wanted to be able to offer a studio and a surrounding that would feel relaxing and inspiring.

I have now made it one giant step closer to realising this crazy idea!

I have teamed up with Aktion Musik in Salzwedel (about 25 minute drive from here) and am now working with them and their studio. This together with the life here at the mill with a flat, caravan, gipsy wagon and a woodfired hottub and woodfired sauna I am now proud to say that I can offer you exactly what I always dreamed of.

Check out the Studio page for more info about this.

2017, my 40th year on this wonderful planet, is shaping up to be a very exciting year for me with many other plans and ideas in motion. I am very much looking forward to it and I hope I can share it all with you as the year progresses!


Much love and catch you at a show sometime soon!


Front Page 25-02-13

February 25th, 2013

Freshly back from a 46 day stint on the road with Passenger I now am settling back into “normal” life again and what better way to catch up on life than to update this, very-out-of-date, website of mine.

We’re very well on the way in our renovations of our new house, or this old watermill, either way you wanna look at the place. SInce we wanna finish the living space of the house before taking on any of the other projects, I do think it’s gonna take quite some time before I even get a chance to start thinking about how I am going to build the studio out here. Still I have a little project studio set up and can do both some acoustic recordings and/or mixing projects out here should you need me to help you out.

I’ve added some new artists who i now work with to the Artists page which you can check out if you like.
Catch you soon


The First Step!

June 23rd, 2012
The House

The House

This is it people!! Our nine month search is over. We have now bought this amazing old mill in the middle of the country side and we’re moving in on 1st August. I can’t wait!!
So this also means it is time to start reviving Penflick Studios. This time it will be in a much more exciting place than last time and it will have a dedicated apartment for the bands to stay in and we will offer catering and drinks as well.

So you could come to the countryside in the heart of Wendland in North Germany, stay with your band, be completely in the creative zone and forget about normal life for a while. And, should it be so that you’re not feeling creative one day, then go and sit by our lake, maybe do some fishing if that’s your thing and chill out. No stress required, that’s the whole ethos behind this new idea.
I hope you’ll find it attractive and that you would like to come and check out the studio and the space in general.

I have been looking at equipment lately, especially microphones and it is amazing how much money you can spend if you want to. In the end I have settled for some fairly standard drum mic’s that I can also use when I do live gigs. For vocals/guitars etc I will most likely go for some Rode mic’s, I like how warm they sound and despite being such awesome sounding mic’s they are surprisingly in quite a low price range. For my AD/DA converters the options are still open, if anyone has any suggestions then please drop me a line.

picture of the carport

Car Port

picture of old mill part of the house

Mill Part

The main problem we have so far is where to put the studio. We have the option of the old mill part of the house, which is an awesome looking part of the house. I am sure the studio would look and sound great in there. The only problem is that it is straight above the main living part of the house, and no matter how much sound proofing you’ll put in, you are always going to hear some spill. The second option is to convert the Car-port, this seems to be the most sensible option, it is a new building, large enough and it has a room already built in that would serve perfectly as the control room. I think this is what we will choose, but nothing’s decided yet.

That’s it for now. I don’t think I will post much more in this section until the work has begun on the studio, sometime at the end of August or so! until then!

Exciting times ahead!

June 22nd, 2012

So…we have now bought our own little paradise in the countryside. We are moving in on 1st August and we can’t wait to get stuck into getting this place in tip top shape.

The studio will slowly but surely take it’s shape and it won’t be long before you can come and stay in an apartment in the middle of the countryside, forgetting all about “normal” life for a while and just focus on your music!

video tour diary – day 15 – 14th, 15th may 2012

May 15th, 2012

15th May 2012 – Lloyd Williams European Tour

sooo, it’s been a few days since the last post. Sorry about that, but we’ve just had such amazing gigs that i’ve simply not had time to post, and/or I haven’t had access to the Internet.

Since last time we’ve been to Scruffy’s in Karlsruhe, awesome little Irish place where we’ve been on a previous tour. A little bit annoying gig as the place was full of students who were simply not able to listen to the gig and had to talk all the way though, but hey, these things happen hey?

After that we headed down to Munich for three days and two gigs. First one at the lovely little place called Rennsalon. Really cool little bar and very cool people.
The day after we were at the awesome Trachtenvogl, also in Munich, were Lloyd and Mikey had to play completely unplugged because of annoying neighbours, but it went down a storm! Just check the two videos here to hear what people thought about the gig!

The next part of our journey was amazing, we headed down to Switzerland, which for me as a tour manager, was a first, dealing with Taxes on the border and Carnet ATA’s etc. But once we were there we were absolutely stunned, it is such an amazingly beautiful country,  it is hard to describe how gorgeous it is, you’ll have to go and see for yourselves, but trust me, it is worth it!

Today we’re in Nürnberg and went to the Zeppelin Field where the nazi’s had their rallies in the build up to the second world war and I stood on the exact spot where Hitler once stood and held his speeches. It was very sobering and I walked away a quiet man after that.

Tonight’s gig in Nürnberg should be fun, it is almost sold out and I am looking forward to seeing what reactions we get from the crowd this time around!

Until next time peeps!


Tour Diary Archive

p.s. if anyone knows how to make the youtube videos appear next to each other rather than below, please put me out of my misery and tell me, it’s driving me insane!

Video Tour Diary – Day 4&5 – 4th, 5th May 2012

May 6th, 2012

4th & 5th May 2012 – Lloyd Williams European Tour

Haven’t had any wi-fi over the last couple of days, so here’s the next two video diaries in one sitting. Not gonna talk too much about it, just watch!

There’s an amazing goofy interview as well to come, including an impromptu rap session with Mikey Foulerton, maybe i’ll have the edit done by tomorrow.
The Tour Diary from Cologne was also made by Mikey.

Last night we played in Mannheim and the day before that in Köln, today we’re in Offenbach-am-Main and we’re at the lovely Hafen 2.

See you again tomorrow for some more updates!

Tour Diary Archive

Video Tour Diary – Day 3 – 3rd May 2012

May 3rd, 2012

3rd May 2012 – Lloyd Williams European Tour

Day Three of the tour. So now we have the first gig under our belt on this monster tour of ours. Steinbruch was a lovely venue although the crowd was a bit weird, average age must have been about 55, but like the guys said it is an old people’s town.

I managed to capture part of Lloyd’s after gig interview on my video camera, which is one of the two videos above here. Little bit of crappy quality, but still very watchable.

Tonight we’re playing at The Wild Rover in Aachen which I have been looking forward to for quite a while, it looks set to be an amazing one. We’ve just come back to the flat where we’re staying after doing the soundcheck and the room sounds pretty amazing…even through the Behringer desk they have there ;-)

Everyone here are amazing and very welcoming and we’re looking forward to returning the favour by playing an awesome gig tonight.

Tour Diary Archive

Video Tour Diary – Day 1 – 1st May 2012

May 2nd, 2012

1st May 2012 – Lloyd Williams European Tour

The second day on my journey on this tour is the first with the band. After spending 5 days in Brighton catching up with friends I jumped in the van with Lloyd Williams and his partner in crime Mikey D to head off to our first destination “Duisburg”. We set off at 9am from Brighton, almost made it out of town before Mikey remembered that he forgot his drugs in the fridge…Now this sounds very rock ‘n’ roll, but in fact Mikey has these drugs to keep him alive, rather than slowly kill him.

We arrived in Duisburg a day too early, as planned, but what I hadn’t thought off was that it was 1st May, a German bank holiday, so we were stuck without a place to sleep as the only place with rooms left were waaaay out of our budget, but luckily the promoter of the gig pulled out a few favours out of his bag of tricks and sorted us out with a place to staty. Really cool house with some really nice people.

Right, now it’s time for soundcheck. Catch you all with a new post tomorrow.



Tour Diary Archive

Video Tour Diary – Day 0 – 25th April 2012

April 25th, 2012

24th April 2012 – Lloyd Williams European Tour

Today is the last day in my flat before embarking on a monstrous 7 weeks on the road. I am flying to Gatwick tonight and then onwards to Brighton where I will be staying for a few days visiting dear old friends. Even though I have loved every minute since I moved to Germany I have missed my friends, so it’s going to be nice to catch up with them again.

Having worked with the super nice Lisa Hannigan and her equally awesome band last night, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start my own touring experience, everyone in that touring party were among the nicest people I have ever met and it is hugely inspiring to now go out on the road myself.

The next update will probably not happen until Tuesday/Wednesday next week when we have hit the road, when i’ve shot some video and when i’ve found a place with wifi to upload it…

Until Then!


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