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Aktion Musik and Penflick Studios

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

A match made in heaven one might say. I certainly say so anyway.

I’ve teamed up with Aktion Musik in Salzwedel and am now their resident engineer.

Together we have worked out a package for you that is quite extraordinary actually.

Come out to the countryside and live here at our 300 year old watermill whilst you work on your new album. We have a self contained apartment, a gipsy wagon and a caravan to offer for you to sleep in. There’s a woodfired hottub in the garden and there will very soon also be a sauna out right next to the lake on our property.

The studio is 25 minutes drive away from the mill and will be ready for you when you have your material ready.

Email me and tell me what you want and I will put together a package for you! is the one.

You can check out the studio on Facebook!

Hope to see you soon.

Front Page 17-01-17

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Ok, I know, it’s been a while and I am sorry about that.

But, here we are. A new year and lots of new exciting projects and that, of course, calls for an update of ye ol website.

Our house is as good as done, the renovations took 4 years, but now it is as good as finished.
This does mean I now have the time to explore my crazier ideas and believe me, I do have quite a few of those.

As you might remember I have been rambling on about my country side studio now for a while. The whole idea being that artists should be able to come out in the middle of nowhere and forget about normal life for a while and just focus on their creativity.
I wanted to be able to offer a studio and a surrounding that would feel relaxing and inspiring.

I have now made it one giant step closer to realising this crazy idea!

I have teamed up with Aktion Musik in Salzwedel (about 25 minute drive from here) and am now working with them and their studio. This together with the life here at the mill with a flat, caravan, gipsy wagon and a woodfired hottub and woodfired sauna I am now proud to say that I can offer you exactly what I always dreamed of.

Check out the Studio page for more info about this.

2017, my 40th year on this wonderful planet, is shaping up to be a very exciting year for me with many other plans and ideas in motion. I am very much looking forward to it and I hope I can share it all with you as the year progresses!


Much love and catch you at a show sometime soon!