The First Step!

The House

The House

This is it people!! Our nine month search is over. We have now bought this amazing old mill in the middle of the country side and we’re moving in on 1st August. I can’t wait!!
So this also means it is time to start reviving Penflick Studios. This time it will be in a much more exciting place than last time and it will have a dedicated apartment for the bands to stay in and we will offer catering and drinks as well.

So you could come to the countryside in the heart of Wendland in North Germany, stay with your band, be completely in the creative zone and forget about normal life for a while. And, should it be so that you’re not feeling creative one day, then go and sit by our lake, maybe do some fishing if that’s your thing and chill out. No stress required, that’s the whole ethos behind this new idea.
I hope you’ll find it attractive and that you would like to come and check out the studio and the space in general.

I have been looking at equipment lately, especially microphones and it is amazing how much money you can spend if you want to. In the end I have settled for some fairly standard drum mic’s that I can also use when I do live gigs. For vocals/guitars etc I will most likely go for some Rode mic’s, I like how warm they sound and despite being such awesome sounding mic’s they are surprisingly in quite a low price range. For my AD/DA converters the options are still open, if anyone has any suggestions then please drop me a line.

picture of the carport

Car Port

picture of old mill part of the house

Mill Part

The main problem we have so far is where to put the studio. We have the option of the old mill part of the house, which is an awesome looking part of the house. I am sure the studio would look and sound great in there. The only problem is that it is straight above the main living part of the house, and no matter how much sound proofing you’ll put in, you are always going to hear some spill. The second option is to convert the Car-port, this seems to be the most sensible option, it is a new building, large enough and it has a room already built in that would serve perfectly as the control room. I think this is what we will choose, but nothing’s decided yet.

That’s it for now. I don’t think I will post much more in this section until the work has begun on the studio, sometime at the end of August or so! until then!

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