Video Tour Diary – Day 1 – 1st May 2012

1st May 2012 – Lloyd Williams European Tour

The second day on my journey on this tour is the first with the band. After spending 5 days in Brighton catching up with friends I jumped in the van with Lloyd Williams and his partner in crime Mikey D to head off to our first destination “Duisburg”. We set off at 9am from Brighton, almost made it out of town before Mikey remembered that he forgot his drugs in the fridge…Now this sounds very rock ‘n’ roll, but in fact Mikey has these drugs to keep him alive, rather than slowly kill him.

We arrived in Duisburg a day too early, as planned, but what I hadn’t thought off was that it was 1st May, a German bank holiday, so we were stuck without a place to sleep as the only place with rooms left were waaaay out of our budget, but luckily the promoter of the gig pulled out a few favours out of his bag of tricks and sorted us out with a place to staty. Really cool house with some really nice people.

Right, now it’s time for soundcheck. Catch you all with a new post tomorrow.



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