Video Tour Diary – Day 3 – 3rd May 2012

3rd May 2012 – Lloyd Williams European Tour

Day Three of the tour. So now we have the first gig under our belt on this monster tour of ours. Steinbruch was a lovely venue although the crowd was a bit weird, average age must have been about 55, but like the guys said it is an old people’s town.

I managed to capture part of Lloyd’s after gig interview on my video camera, which is one of the two videos above here. Little bit of crappy quality, but still very watchable.

Tonight we’re playing at The Wild Rover┬áin Aachen which I have been looking forward to for quite a while, it looks set to be an amazing one. We’ve just come back to the flat where we’re staying after doing the soundcheck and the room sounds pretty amazing…even through the Behringer desk they have there ;-)

Everyone here are amazing and very welcoming and we’re looking forward to returning the favour by playing an awesome gig tonight.

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