Video Tour Diary – Day 4&5 – 4th, 5th May 2012

4th & 5th May 2012 – Lloyd Williams European Tour

Haven’t had any wi-fi over the last couple of days, so here’s the next two video diaries in one sitting. Not gonna talk too much about it, just watch!

There’s an amazing goofy interview as well to come, including an impromptu rap session with Mikey Foulerton, maybe i’ll have the edit done by tomorrow.
The Tour Diary from Cologne was also made by Mikey.

Last night we played in Mannheim and the day before that in Köln, today we’re in Offenbach-am-Main and we’re at the lovely Hafen 2.

See you again tomorrow for some more updates!

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  1. Stef O'Grady says:

    Hahahaha! I ALWAYS thought Rory is like real-life Goofy, but you’re the first one to see it too!
    Looking forward. ;)

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