the adventure starts here

Since opening the first version of Penflick Studios in Brighton in 2006, and closing it in 2008, I have been using other people’s studios, and been sharing studios with other companies. But you know how it is, it never feels quite right when you can’t have the set up you want and create the vibe and atmosphere you want, it’s just not really gonna feel right.

So now is the time for the new adventure, the studio will live again, I am starting to work on the room this spring and will post updates on my blog, I am very very excited. Stay tuned and keep being creative!

Elephant's foot

I got the opportunity to record Elephant's Foot's Debut EP in October 2017. I am still thinking back at that session with amazement. I have never come across a band that was so prepared, well rehearsed and with such a clear idea of how the songs were meant to be.

Abort once around

These supernice guys asked me to record their EP in 2018 and even though it is as far removed from any music i normally record I thought I would give it a go. I don't think I'll venture down that road again, but it was certainly an experience recording this.

Tabea Schulz

I've worked with Tabea for some time now, but only recently has it gotten a bit more serious with her music. "Roar" is a song she brought to me that we recorded, but somehow the standard 2 guitars and a vocal approach didn't work for this song, I could hear so much more. So after her approval I got some other musicians in to create this lovely piece of music.

Michael Baker & Common Tongues

Old friends of mine from Brighton came to us in the mill to stay for a couple of days in the middle of their German tour. They sat for several hours in my kitchen writing this song. I thought I should try and capture the song with one mic. I moved the people around in the kitchen to get some form of balance between the instruments and all these vocals. It's quite a crude recording, but i think it caught the moment perfectly.

why should you come here

Our mill is out in the country side, literally in the middle of nowhere. Get out of the city, come here and see how inspiring this place is.

  • A holiday flat to stay in when recording, or to use for your songwriting sessions.
  • A studio set in an awesome environment.
  • Things for Chill out time: a hottub in the garden, a sauna, a large firepit/bbq and a lake all within 25m of your front door.

What we can give

Many years of experience working with bands, either in the studio or live, have taught me a lot about what is needed to get the best out of a band/artist.

  • Inspiration, our house and property is perfect for your inspiration.
  • Recording facilities, for your newly written demos, or for your album/single/EP.
  • Creative hub, someone in our circle of friends or I, can help you with all the things outside music as well, such as web design, merch design and print, videos, social media, PR/Press etc. etc.